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In the age of SaaS

An introduction to compliance for SaaS businesses. Everything you need to know to evaluate the next step in your compliance journey. 

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Download this eBook to learn how to kickstart the compliance journey for your SaaS business.

✅ Understand the basics of compliance
✅ Understand the most universal compliance frameworks: SOC 2 & ISO 27001
✅ Learn about the compliance journey
✅ Understand common compliance requirements different departments must address

Why is compliance critical to every SaaS business?

  • Meeting legal & regulatory requirements
  • Building reputation & trust,
  • Avoiding penalties and fines,
  • Cost savings
  • Creating a competitive advantage in the market.

From Compliance to Trust

You need to meet compliance requirements to close important deals. But getting to the finish line is hard. Worse, the path there is confusing and pulls you away from areas where you want to be focusing. Trustero combines modern UX, NLP, and APIs to let you use familiar SaaS technologies to handle as much of your compliance obligations as possible.

The Trustero platform manages your documents, provides AI-tailored templates to get you started, guides you through the process with directed dashboards, and keeps you informed with notifications and support.

Proven best practices for trust.

Understand what you're doing with compliance and get up and running now.  Compliance requires policies that say what you’ll do, controls that say how you’ll do it, and procedures that spell out the details of implementation. Our in-house compliance experts have prepared documents to get you a solid start.

The Trustero platform is designed by SaaS veterans with more than two decades of experience making scalable and secure platforms you can count on.

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Compliance Assurance Solution:

Available for SOC 2 Type 2 or ISO 27001 frameworks

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) Platform:

  • Cloud-based Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform
  • Quick start using auditor-vetted templates or import existing controls
  • Al recommendations tailored to you
  • Actionable control evidence, not just readiness testing

Onboarding Service & Support:

  • Dedicated project owner to guide you
  • GRC-certified practitioner guidance and oversight

Audit Examination and Report:

  • Complete examination and report by a certified, respected audit firm

Controls you can commit to 

Trustero can provide the controls you need for this framework and the next. If you already have , upload them and the platform links them to policies and suggests evidence you'll need for your audit.

Streamlined, automated evidence 

Configure receptors to access your cloud services via read-only API and they will grab exactly the evidence you need, excluding what you don’t want, posting it to corresponding controls and keep it up to date.

Clear guidance fills the gaps 

Natural Language Processing in the platform’s backend deciphers difficult regulatory language and shows what other companies have used to satisfy requirements before.

One platform for all your compliance needs


Start with our minimal, most powerful control set or upload your own


Connect by API to automatically gather evidence from your systems


AI provides suggestions tailored to your needs at every step


Trustero supports you all the way to your accreditation report

Make compliance part of your tech stack

Rather than burning midnight oil to pass a single audit, Trustero makes compliance into clear and repeatable tasks. You’ll be ready to face your next audit, next framework, and new regulations impacting your business. Don’t just solve the problem once; get a platform that lets you solve it for good.


Automate, optimize, and streamline compliance.